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CreateTicketRequest Element

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Creates a ticket that an Administrator can use to log on to the conference center as another user.

    duration= "decimal"
    oneTimeTicket = "True" | "False">
    <GeneralLoginContext ...></GeneralLoginContext>

The following sections describe attributes, parent elements, and child elements.




decimal type. Value range 1-300.

The number of seconds that the ticket is valid. The validity period starts when the ticket is created.


Boolean type. Value range [True | False]. The default is True.

If oneTimeTicket is True, the ticket becomes invalid after the validity period expires or the ticket is used once. If oneTimeTicket is False, the ticket remains valid until the validity period expires. The caller can use the ticket to make one or more API calls.

Parent Element





Child Element





The oneTimeTicket option of this element was added in Office Live Meeting 2005.

The authTicket attribute represents a ticket issued by the CreateTicket message and is used to authenticate the caller, as in the following example.

<PlaceWareConfCenter authTicket="z46tc3gvfwvo">

The authTicket attribute is mutually exclusive with the authUser and authPassword attributes. It is an error to specify both the ticket and the user ID and password attributes.

CreateTicket does not check a user's expireTime option, but if it is past the expireTime, that user is not able to log on because the user name is not active.

When the ticket is created, a CreateTicketReply element is returned. If the request fails, a Fault element is returned.

Fault Codes

Client.Authentication and Client.Authorization faults also apply to the ticket attribute.

The Client.BadSyntax.Missing.Auth FaultCode is returned when one or more authorization attributes are missing, specifically when one of the following is true:

  • authTicket is not present or blank.

  • authUser or authPassword is missing.

  • authUser and authPassword are missing.