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EmptyOption Element

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Clears the value of an option.

    name = "string">

The following sections describe attributes, parent elements, and child elements.




string type. Length range 1-255 characters.

Specifies the name of the option to be emptied.

Parent Element





Child Element




Not applicable

An EmptyOption element is used when an option needs to have no value rather than its current default or set value.

For example, an EmptyOption can be used to do the following:

  • Remove an option from an existing User or Meeting.

  • Clear a default value during a CreateUser or CreateMeeting message.

  • When you have set a default value for the billing option, but you want to create a meeting that does not use the billing code, use EmptyOption name="billing" in the OptionList element of the CreateMeetingRequest when creating the new meeting.

  • In Modify requests, remove an option that is previously set. For example, the expireTime option can be used to deactivate a user without deleting the user. Use EmptyOption in a ModifyUser message to remove the expireTime option and reactivate the user.

  • Suppose an organizer has default phone number data stored in the infoA and infoP options of his user profile, but he needs to schedule a meeting that does not use his phone numbers and the organizer does not want these options to be used. The values stored in infoA and infoP are not used when creating or modifying a meeting if the EmptyOption elements are used in a CreateMeeting or ModifyMeeting message.

    <EmptyOption name="infoA">
    <EmptyOption name="InfoP">