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ListRecordings4Request Element

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Represents a request sent to a conference center for obtaining a list of meeting recordings.

    listDeleted = "True" | "False">

- or -

    restorableOnly = "True" | "False">

The following sections describe attributes, parent elements, and child elements.




Boolean type. Value range [True | False].

If True, lists deleted recordings. If False, does not list deleted recordings.


Boolean type. Value range [True | False].

Possible states of a recording:

Active, Undeleted, Expired,Deleted, and Removed. For more information, see Remarks.

If True, only expired and manually deleted recordings that can be restored are listed. If False, all recordings, including expired, deleted, and restored recordings, are listed.

This attribute can only be specified by account administrators and cannot be specified with the listDeleted attribute.

Added in Live Meeting service API Update for Live Meeting 2007.

If present, any child elements must be in the order shown in the following Child Elements table.

Parent Element





Child Elements




0 or 1


0 or 1



Definition of Different Recording States

  • Active: All newly published recordings have this status.

  • Undeleted: All recordings restored after expiration or deletion have this status. These are as good as Active meetings.

  • Expired: All recordings that have expired (after reaching their expiration time) have this status.

  • Deleted: All manually deleted recordings have this status.

  • Removed: All recordings that are permanently deleted and can no longer be restored have this status.

The StringQuery or TimeIntervalQuery element can be present in the request. Both of these elements cannot be used together in a single request.

The StringQuery element can query for the following options:

  • billing

  • name

  • owner

  • reid

  • title

The TimeIntervalQuery element can query for the following time options:

  • createOrModifyTime

  • startTime

The FieldList element can contain any options that can be returned in the Recording4 element.