This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ModifyUserRequest Element

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

Modifies a user account by sending a request to a conference center.

<ModifyUserRequest userID="string">

The following sections describe attributes, parent elements, and child elements.




string type. Length range 1-64 characters.

Specifies the user ID. Use ASCII characters to specify.

Any child elements, if present, must be in the order shown in the Child Elements table.

Parent Element





Child Element




0 or 1


0 or 1


0 or 1


0 or 1

The OptionList child element can contain all options specified in CreateUserRequest. The following table specifies additional options that can be present.




StringOption. Length range 1-255 characters.

This option is deprecated. Applications should use the firstName and lastName options instead.


StringOption. Length range 1-64 characters.

Specifies the new password. Use ASCII characters to specify.


StringOption. Length range 1-255 characters.

Use ASCII characters to specify. The userID must be unique in the conference center.

Only users of the Administrator role are permitted to change this option. A request to change this option by a non-administrator user results in a return of the Client.Authorization.NotAdministrator FaultCode in the reply.

In the CreateUserRequest element, password, userID, and userName are attributes of the element, not OptionList elements.

Options can be removed from a user by listing the option as an EmptyOption element in the OptionList. Selected elements can also be removed using the RemoveList element.

The RemoveList child element can contain the following options:

  • billing

  • expireTime

  • infoA

  • infoP

  • opaque1

The following OptionList options were added to this element in Live Meeting service API Update for Live Meeting 2007:

  • allowVideoEnable

  • enableRecordingExpiration

  • enableAudioVOIP

  • enablePersonalRecordingAttendee

  • enablePersonalRecordingPresenter

  • ecrAnnotationsPrivilege. Service Release 5

  • ecrChatPrivilege. Service Release 5

  • ecrHandoutsPrivilege. Service Release 5

  • ecrQAPrivilege. Service Release 5

  • ecrSharednotesPrivilege. Service Release 5

  • ecrTextpagePrivilege. Service Release 5

  • ecrWhiteboardPrivilege. Service Release 5

  • personalRecordingPrivilege

  • recordingExpirationTimeAmount

  • recordingExpirationTimeType

They provide the ability for account administrators to override the default values of these settings for any member in the conference center. All are optional and default to the account default values if they are not specified. For more information about these options, see the reference pages for the CreateMeetingRequest and CreateUserRequest elements.

No exceptions are thrown by this element. All out-of-range option values are intelligently replaced by an appropriate value.

Important noteImportant

ModifyUserRequest can be called on a conference center hosted by Microsoft Online. However, certain user attributes and options must not be modified . For more information about restricted attributes and options, see Using the Live Meeting API with Microsoft Online-Hosted Live Meeting Service.