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ListRecordings4Reply Element

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Contains a list of recordings matching the query.


The following sections describe attributes, parent elements, and child elements.

Parent Element





Child Element




0 or more

If the requestor is an administrator, the reply contains all recordings matching the query. If the requestor is an organizer, the reply is limited to recordings owned by that organizer. An option only appears in the Recording4 element if it is contained in the FieldList in the corresponding request and if the recording has the option.

There are three possibilities regarding access control:

  • If there is no ACL and no password, any user can access the recording or the recording is deleted. It is possible to distinguish these two cases by checking for the presence of the removeTime option.

  • If there is a password, users can access the recording by entering the password, either through the user interface or in the entry URL.

  • If there is an ACL, access to the recording is controlled by the given access control list.

The ACL and password options are mutually exclusive.

When the request cannot be processed, a Fault element is returned.

        <StringOption name="mid" value="1wwfpczivu8ph"/>
        <StringOption name="name" value="gap"/>
        <StringOption name="reid" value="bvntuc1ix4mr"/>
        <EnumerationOption value="ACL" name="audienceEntryControl">