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QueryLimits Message

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Checks the state of one or more conference center limits at the time this request is made.

Component Type

XML Element





A caller must be a member of the Administrator role. Each conference center has a set limit of the number of conferences that can be scheduled as well as the number of users who can be logged into conferences concurrently. In addition, the conference center limits the number of users who can schedule meetings; this is determined by the meetingPrivilege option for users.

This operational message provides a means for a user to discover these limits.

The following XML code shows how a user can query the Live Meeting conference center to receive the conference center limits and current values. In this example, the user is querying all the conference center limits.

The following code shows the request sent to a conference center.

<PlaceWareConfCenter authUser="Ken" authPassword="Pa$$w0rd">

The following shows a reply returned from the conference center when the corresponding request is processed successfully.

      <Limit name="CCMaxMeetingSchedulingLimit" limit="1500"/>
      <Limit name="CCAttendanceLimit" limit="1500"/>
      <Limit name="CCScheduleLimit" limit="15000"/>
      <Limit name="NamedUserLimit" limit="100" current="96"/>