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ModifyUserProfile Message

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

Modifies the user account of the requestor.

A caller must be a member of the Administrator or Organizer role. The user account being modified is specified by the authUser attribute of the PlaceWareConfCenter parent.

This message has the same semantics as the ModifyUser message except for the user context.

Important noteImportant

ModifyUserProfile can be called on a conference center hosted by Microsoft Online. However, certain user attributes and options must not be modified . For more information about restricted attributes and options, see Using the Live Meeting API with Microsoft Online-Hosted Live Meeting Service.

This example shows how a user named Ken changes the e-mail address of his user account in a conference center.

The following code shows the request sent to a conference center.

<PlaceWareConfCenter authUser="Ken" authPassword="Pa$$w0rd">
       <StringOption name="email" value="ken@contoso.com"/>

The following shows a reply returned from the conference center when the corresponding request is processed successfully.

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