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workflowdependency Class (CrmService)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Represents the dependencies for a workflow.

For a list of methods and messages that operate on this class, see Workflow Dependency Entity Capabilities.

The workflowdependency class inherits from BusinessEntity. It exposes the following members.

workflowdependencyInitializes a new instance of the workflowdependency class.

Instance PropertyDescription
createdbyGets the ID of the user who created the workflow dependency.
createdonGets the date and time when the workflow dependency was created.
createdonbehalfbyGets the ID of the proxy user who created the workflowdependency record.
customentitynameGets or sets the name of the entity used in the workflow.
dependentattributenameGets or sets the property Name.
dependententitynameGets or sets the entity Name.
entityattributesGets or sets the comma-separated list of attributes that will be passed to workflow instance.
modifiedbyGets the ID of the user who last modified the workflow dependency.
modifiedonGets the date and time when the workflow dependency was last modified.
modifiedonbehalfbyGets the ID of the proxy user who last modified the workflowdependency.
owningbusinessunitGets the ID of the business unit that owns the workflow dependency.
owninguserGets the ID of the user who owns the workflow dependency.
parameternameGets or sets the name of workflow parameter.
parametertypeGets or sets the fully qualified name of the CLR type of the local parameter.
relatedattributenameGets or sets the property of the primary entity that specifies related entity.
relatedentitynameGets or sets the name of the related entity.
sdkmessageidGets or sets the ID of the SDK message.
typeGets or sets the type of workflow dependency.
workflowdependencyidGets or sets the ID of the workflow dependency.
workflowidGets or sets the ID of the workflow with which the dependency is associated.


This table lists only the attributes for a default system. For more information about the entities and attributes in your organization, see the Customization area of the Web application. To view this information in the Customization area, in the Navigation Pane, click Settings, click Customization, and then click Customize Entities. You can change the view to see non-customizable entities.

If you have an on-premise deployment, you can use the Metadata Browser to view the metadata for your organization. For more information, see Using the Metadata Browser.

This entity is not customizable.


Web Service: CrmService

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