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CrmService Entities

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The following table lists all the entities available in a default system. Note that the display name of an entity may be changed and new entities added through system customization.

ClassDisplay nameDescription
accountAccountA business that represents a customer or potential customer. The company that is billed in business transactions.
activitymimeattachmentE-Mail AttachmentA MIME attachment for an e-mail activity.
activitypartyActivity PartyA person or group associated with an activity. An activity can have multiple activity parties.
activitypointerActivityA task performed, or to be performed, by a user. An activity can be thought of as any action for which an entry can be made on a calendar.
annotationNoteA note that is attached to one or more objects, including other notes.
annualfiscalcalendarAnnual Fiscal CalendarThe year long fiscal calendar of an organization. This represents a span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.
appointmentAppointmentA commitment that represents a time interval with start/end times and duration.
asyncoperationSystem JobA process whose execution can continue independently or in the background.
attributemapAttribute MapRepresents a mapping between two attributes.
bulkdeletefailureBulk Delete FailureA record that was not deleted during a bulk deletion job.
bulkdeleteoperationBulk Delete OperationA user-submitted bulk deletion job.
bulkoperationBulk OperationA system operation used to perform lengthy and asynchronous operations on large datasets such as distributing a campaign activity or quick campaign.
bulkoperationlogBulk Operation LogA log used to track bulk operation execution, successes, and failures.
businesstaskBusiness TaskFor internal use only.
businessunitBusiness UnitA business, division, or department in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.
businessunitnewsarticleAnnouncementAn announcement associated with an organization.
calendarCalendarA calendar used by the scheduling system to define when an appointment or activity is to occur.
calendarruleCalendar RuleThe definition of free/busy times for a service and for resources or resource groups (for example, working, nonworking, vacation, and blocked).
campaignCampaignA container into which a business can attach campaign activities, campaign responses, sales literature, products, and lists to create, plan, execute and track the results of a specific marketing campaign through its life.
campaignactivityCampaign ActivityThe steps of a campaign with owner, partner, budget, timelines and other information. Can be created for planning and running a campaign.
campaignactivityitemCampaign Activity ItemA work item of a campaign activity, such as a list or sales literature.
campaignitemCampaign ItemA work item of a campaign, such as a list or sales literature.
campaignresponseCampaign ResponseA response from an existing or a potential new customer for a campaign.
columnmappingColumn MappingA mapping for columns in a data map.
competitorCompetitorA business competing for the sale represented by a lead or opportunity.
constraintbasedgroupResource GroupA group or collection of people, equipment, and facilities that can be scheduled.
contactContactA person with whom a business unit has a relationship, such as customer, supplier, and colleague.
contractContractAn agreement to provide customer service during a specified period of time or number of cases.
contractdetailContract LineA line item detail in a contract that specifies the kind of service a customer is entitled to.
contracttemplateContract TemplateA template for a contract that contains the standard attributes of a contract.
customeraddressAddressAddress and shipping information. Used to store additional addresses for an account or contact.
customeropportunityroleOpportunity RelationshipThe relationship between an account or contact and an opportunity.
customerrelationshipCustomer RelationshipThe relationship between a customer (account or contact) and a partner (account, or contact).
discountDiscountA price reduction made from the list price of a product or service based on the quantity purchased, specified as a percentage or monetary amount.
discounttypeDiscount ListThe kind of price reduction made from the list price of a product or service based on the quantity purchased, specified as a percentage or monetary amount.
displaystringDisplay StringCustomized messages for an entity that was renamed.
duplicaterecordDuplicate RecordA potential duplicate record.
duplicateruleDuplicate Detection RuleA rule used to determine potential duplicates.
duplicateruleconditionDuplicate Rule ConditionA condition in a duplicate detection rule.
emailE-mailAn activity that is delivered by using e-mail protocols.
entitymapEntity MapRepresents a mapping between two entities.
equipmentFacility/EquipmentA resource that can be scheduled.
faxFaxAn activity that tracks call outcome and number of pages. This entity optionally stores the electronic copy of the actual document.
fixedmonthlyfiscalcalendarFixed Monthly Fiscal CalendarThe fixed monthly fiscal calendar of an organization. This represents a span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.
importData ImportThe status and ownership information for an import job.
importdataImport DataFor internal use only.
importfileImportThe file name of the file that is used for import.
importjobImport JobA status and the progress information for an import operation that imports entity customizations or translations.
importlogImportLogThe detailed data for each record in an import job.
importmapImport MapThe data map used in import.
incidentCaseA service incident associated with a contract.
incidentresolutionCase ResolutionA special type of activity that includes description of the resolution, billing status, and the duration of the case.
invoiceInvoiceAn order that has been billed.
invoicedetailInvoice ProductA line item in an invoice that contains detailed billing information.
isvconfigISV ConfigurationAn XML document used to configure client extension controls.
kbarticleArticleStructured content that is part of the knowledge base.
kbarticlecommentArticle CommentA comment on a knowledge base article.
kbarticletemplateArticle TemplateA template for a knowledge base article that contains the standard attributes of an article.
leadLeadA prospect or potential sales opportunity. Leads will be converted into accounts, contacts, or opportunities if they are qualified. Otherwise, they are deleted or archived.
letterLetterAn activity that tracks the delivery of a letter. The activity can contain the electronic copy of the letter.
licenseLicenseInformation about a Microsoft Dynamics CRM license.
listMarketing ListA group of existing or potential customers created for a marketing campaign or other sales purposes.
listmemberMemberAn item in a marketing list.
lookupmappingLookup MappingIn a data map, maps a lookup attribute in a source file to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
mailmergetemplateMail Merge TemplateA template for a mail merge document that contains the standard attributes of that document.
monthlyfiscalcalendarMonthly Fiscal CalendarThe monthly fiscal calendar of an organization. This represents a span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.
notificationNotificationFor internal use only.
opportunityOpportunityA potential revenue-generating event, or sale to an account, that has to be tracked through a sales process to completion.
opportunitycloseOpportunity CloseA special activity that is created when an opportunity is closed. It includes such information as the description of the closing and actual revenue.
opportunityproductOpportunity ProductAn association between an opportunity and a product.
ordercloseOrder CloseAn activity generated when closing an order.
organizationOrganizationThe top level of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM business hierarchy. The organization can be a specific business, holding company, or corporation.
organizationuiOrganization UIContains entity customizations including form layout and icons. Includes current and past versions.
ownermappingOwner MappingIn a data map, maps ownership data from the source file to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
phonecallPhone CallAn activity to track a telephone call.
picklistmappingList Value MappingIn a data map, maps list values from the source file to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
pluginassemblyPlug-in AssemblyAn assembly that contains one or more plug-in types.
plugintypePlug-in TypeA type that inherits from the IPlugin interface and is contained in a plug-in assembly.
pricelevelPrice ListThe pricing levels.
privilegePrivilegeA permission to perform an action in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The platform checks for the privilege and rejects the attempt if the user does not hold the privilege.
productProductInformation about products and their pricing information.
productpricelevelPrice List ItemInformation about how to price a product in the specified price level, including pricing method, rounding option and discount type based on specified product unit.
quarterlyfiscalcalendarQuarterly Fiscal CalendarThe quarterly fiscal calendar of an organization. This represents a span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.
queueQueueAn ordered list that contains activities or incidents (cases).
queueitemQueue ItemAn item in a queue that specifies an activity or incident (case).
quoteQuoteA formal offer for products or services, proposed at specific prices and related payment terms, which is sent to a prospective customer.
quotecloseQuote CloseThe quarterly fiscal calendar of an organization. This represents a span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.
quotedetailQuote ProductA line item in a quote. The details include such information as product ID, description, quantity, and cost.
relationshiproleRelationship RoleA relationship between an account or contact and an opportunity. RelationshipRole is needed when a CustomerRelationship or CustomerOpportunityRole object is created.
relationshiprolemapRelationship Role MapThe primary object code and associated entity type code between which the relationship role is valid.
reportReportA data summary in an easy-to-read layout.
reportcategoryReport Related CategoryThe categories related to a report. A report can be related to multiple categories.
reportentityReport Related EntityThe entities related to a report. A report can be related to multiple entities.
reportlinkReport LinkThe links and dependencies between Reporting Services reports. A report may drill through to another report, or it may have another report as a subreport.
reportvisibilityReport VisibilityThe area in which to show a report. A report can be shown in multiple areas.
resourceResourceA resource that can be scheduled for a service. Users and Facility/Equipment entities are both resources.
resourcegroupScheduling GroupA resource group or team whose members can be scheduled for a service.
resourcespecResource SpecificationA selection rule that allows the scheduling engine to select a number of resources from a pool of resources. The rules can be associated with a service.
roleRoleA grouping of security privileges. Users are assigned roles that authorize their access to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.
salesliteratureSales LiteratureSales literature. One sales literature entity may contain multiple documents.
salesliteratureitemDocumentAn item in the sales literature collection.
salesorderOrderAn order is a quote that has been accepted.
salesorderdetailOrder ProductA line item in a sales order.
savedqueryViewA stored database query against the logical database. The SavedQuery also holds presentation information for the application grid controls.
savedqueryvisualizationChartRepresents a system visualization that is owned by an organization. This entity is available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online only.
sdkmessageSdk MessageA message that is supported by the SDK.
sdkmessagefilterSdk Message FilterA filter that defines which SDK messages are valid for each type of entity.
sdkmessageprocessingstepSdk Message Processing StepA stage in the execution pipeline that a plug-in is to execute.
sdkmessageprocessingstepimageSdk Message Processing Step ImageA copy of an entity's attributes before or after the core system operation.
sdkmessageprocessingstepsecureconfigSdk Message Processing Step Secure ConfigurationNon-public custom configuration that is passed to a plug-in's constructor.
semiannualfiscalcalendarSemi Annual Fiscal CalendarA calendar that represents the semiannual span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.
serviceServiceAn activity that represents work done to satisfy a customer's need.
serviceappointmentService ActivityAn activity offered by the organization to satisfy its customer's needs. Each service appointment includes date, time, duration, and required resources.
siteSiteA location or branch office where an organization does business. An organization can have multiple sites.
subjectSubjectInformation about subjects available in the system.
subscriptionSubscriptionFor internal use only.
subscriptionclientsSubscription ClientsFor internal use only.
subscriptionsyncinfoSubscription Synchronization InformationFor internal use only.
systemuserUserA person with access to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and who owns objects in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.
taskTaskA generic activity that represents work needed to be done.
teamTeamA group of otherwise unrelated users. Teams can be used to control access to specific objects.
templateE-mail TemplateA template for an e-mail message that contains the standard attributes of an e-mail message.
territoryTerritoryThis entity stores territories to represent sales regions.
timezonedefinitionTime Zone DefinitionA time zone definition, including name and time zone code.
timezonelocalizednameTime Zone Localized NameThe localized name of the time zone.
timezoneruleTime Zone RuleA definition for time conversion between local time and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for a particular time zone at a particular time period.
transactioncurrencyCurrencyA currency in which a financial transaction is carried out.
transformationmappingTransformation MappingIn a data map, maps the transformation of source attributes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM attributes.
transformationparametermappingTransformation Parameter MappingIn a data map, defines parameters for a transformation.
uomUnitA unit of measure.
uomscheduleUnit GroupA grouping of units of measures.
userquerySaved ViewA saved database query that is owned by a user.
usersettingsUser SettingsA user's preferred settings.
webwizardWeb WizardThe definition for a Web-based wizard.
wfprocessWorkflow ProcessDeprecated.
wfprocessinstanceWorkflow Process InstanceDeprecated.
wizardaccessprivilegeWeb Wizard Access PrivilegeFor internal use only.
wizardpageWizard PageFor internal use only.
workflowWorkflowFor internal use only.
workflowdependencyWorkflow DependencyThe dependencies for a workflow.
workflowlogWorkflow LogA log used to track workflow execution.

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