This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft Reports

Windows Server 2008 Visual Studio 2012 includes report design functionality and ReportViewer controls so that you can add full-featured reports in your Windows Form and ASP.NET AJAX applications. Report Designer allows you to create reports that contain tabular, aggregated, and multidimensional data. The ReportViewer controls are provided so that you can process and display reports in your application.

For information on the new features in Windows Server 2008 reports, see What's New in Microsoft Reports.



Report Designer (Visual Studio)

Provides information about how to create reports using the Visual Studio 2012 report designer.

The Visual Studio 2012 Report Designer creates reports using the following schemas:

You will be asked to upgrade the reports created in previous Visual Studio versions when you open them in Report Designer.

ReportViewer Controls (Visual Studio)

Provides information about the ReportViewer controls included with Visual Studio 2012. You can use these controls to embed reports into applications.

The ReportViewer controls in Visual Studio 2012 support the following versions: