setResponseBuffering Method (SQLServerStatement)

Sets the response buffering mode for this SQLServerStatement object to case-insensitive String full or adaptive.

public final void setResponseBuffering(java.lang.String value)



A String that contains the response buffering mode. The valid mode can be one of the following case-insensitive Strings: full or adaptive.

The full value specifies reading the entire result from the server at run time. The full value was the default behavior for the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver version 1.2 and provides a backward compatibility with the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver versions 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2.

The adaptive value specifies buffering the minimum possible data when necessary. The adaptive value is the default buffering mode for the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver version 2.0 or later.

The setResponseBuffering method allows you to override the responseBuffering connection String property for the current SQLServerStatement object. For more information about using the response buffering mode, see Using Adaptive Buffering.

If the application specifies an invalid parameter value to the setResponseBuffering method, a SQLServerException is thrown.