Name Support

[Netbios is not supported on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and subsequent versions of the operating system]

The following are the name support commands:

  • NCBADDGRNAME (add group name)
  • NCBADDNAME (add name)
  • NCBDELNAME (delete name)
  • NCBFINDNAME (find name)

The NCBADDGRNAME and NCBADDNAME commands register names. The transport driver verifies the name, registers it in the name table, and returns a corresponding name number in the ncb_num member of the NCB structure. The registration process is shown in the following illustration. The names "station1" and "station2" will be used in subsequent examples.




The NCBFINDNAME command obtains the MAC header information for the computer that has registered the specified name. The protocol driver queries the network for the specified name. If any computers have registered the name, they respond with an indication of whether the name is a unique name or a group name. Multiple computers may respond. The ncb_buffer member receives a FIND_NAME_HEADER structure, followed by one or more FIND_NAME_BUFFER structures. The length of the buffer is returned in the ncb_length member. This process is shown in the following illustration.




The NCBDELNAME command deletes a name from its name table. Names are stored with a reference to the process that registered the name and a corresponding LANA number. A process cannot delete a name that was added by another process, even if it has the name number. The deletion process is shown in the following illustration.






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