Drive Service
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Drive Service

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Drive Service

In order for the Drive service to work properly, you will need to configure this device to match the specifications of the driving robot you have built.


DistanceBetweenWheels and WheelDiameter

You will need to measure the diameter of each wheel and the distance between your wheels. This will allow the service to know how to turn around or drive a specific distance.


Note: In Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio measurements are always recorded in meters. For the LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT this means that we will measure in millimeters and move the decimal three places to the left. For instance, if the wheels that came with your kit measure approximately 55 millimeter from top to bottom.  When you convert this to meters, you end up with .055. 

Left and Right Wheel MotorPorts

Configure the drive by identifying which Motor Port each wheel has been plugged in to.


Depending on how you mounted your motor, it may run backwards when you apply a positive power to it.  If this is the case, select the ReversePolarity box.


The DriveDistance and RotateDegrees commands run the motors until they have travelled a certain distance.  These commands use the encoders built in to the motors to know when to stop.  If you do not plan to use the encoders or these commands, then you can save resources by setting PollingFrequencyMs to -1.



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