Add a Solution to an Office Live Small Business Account
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Add a Solution to an Office Live Small Business Account

Office 2007

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Once you have created your solution file, you can add the solution to another Microsoft Office Live Small Business account.

When you add a solution to an account, each component contained in the solution is added to the appropriate feature area of Office Live Small Business. For example, a business application component in a solution is added as a new business application that is available on the left navigation bar on the Business Applications Home page. If the account already has an application with the same name, a new copy of the business application is created. If the solution file components include Web pages, these pages are added to the public-facing Web site.


If the target account activated third-party design software to use in editing their public-facing Web site, you cannot add a solution that contains Web Site components such as Web pages or site designs. For more information about using third-party design software, see About using your own Web design program.

Add a solution to an Office Live Small Business account

  1. On the Office Live Small Business Home page, at the top, click Web Site.

  2. In Page Manager, click Design Site, and then click Install solution.

  3. In File (.olp), type the address for the solution (.olp) file, or click Browse.

    Important noteImportant

    If the solution contains Web Site components with the same URL as existing components, you must select Overwrite existing files in order to add the solution to the account. Only one version of the Web Site component is allowed in an account.

    If the solution contains Business Application components with the same URL as existing components, a new version of the application is added to the account. The URL for the new application will have a number appended to it. Selecting the Overwrite existing files check box does not change this outcome.

  4. Click Add solution.


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