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Scenarios for Developing Solutions for Office Live Small Business

Office 2007

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Microsoft Office Live Small Business contains powerful tools and building blocks to assist you in developing and packaging solutions that help your customers streamline the operations of their small business. The wide range of business applications and customizable features that are available with Office Live Small Business make it useful in a variety of customer scenarios, including assisting with sharing information across multiple locations.

You can easily create a solution that helps your customer to track schedules and other business tasks, including managing reservations and appointments, by customizing their Office Live Small Business Web site.

If a customer has employees with appointments outside the office, you can make their e-mail, company calendar, and spreadsheets available to them wherever there is Internet connectivity. By building a solution using workspaces and business applications, your customer's employees can interact with their customers from wherever they are, and the main office can receive immediate notification of any business activity.

The business applications in Office Live Small Business are a great starting point to help small businesses with multiple geographic locations or employees who travel or work from home have immediate access to information. With Office Live Small Business, no phone numbers or access codes are required. You can make all of the business data your customers use in their office equally accessible from across town or across the world.

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