Web Application

SharePoint 2007

Represents application code or content installed in a new Web application directory or as a subdirectory under an existing Web application, which provides non-SharePoint functionality.

Real World Example

A developer wants to run a custom ASP.NET application under the same top-level Web site URL as his Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 portal site because some Web Parts will integrate with the custom application.

Technical Details

ASP.NET applications are normally a collection of various ASPX pages, ASMX Web services, and various other supporting resources. You can run ASP.NET applications on the same server on the same Web application, in application enabled virtual directories, or in a separate Web application.

Because Office SharePoint Server 2007 is built on top of ASP.NET 2.0, it would seem to be a likely platform on which to develop ASP.NET programs. This is possible, but not recommended, to host non-SharePoint applications in this way.

Support Details

ASP.NET applications hosted in a SharePoint environment should be implemented cautiously and evaluated for impact on support, security, performance, and management.

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