AuthenticatedConnection Class (Microsoft.Health)


Represents an authenticated interface to the HealthVault service. Most operations performed against the service require authentication.
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Declaration Syntax

Public Class AuthenticatedConnection
	Inherits ApplicationConnection
public class AuthenticatedConnection : ApplicationConnection
public __gc class AuthenticatedConnection : public ApplicationConnection
public class AuthenticatedConnection extends ApplicationConnection


You must connect to the HealthVault service to access its web methods. This class does not maintain an open connection to the service, but uses XML over HTTP to make requests and receive responses from the service. The connection only maintains the data necessary for the request.

An authenticated connection takes the user name and password, authenticates them against the HealthVault service, and then stores an authentication token which is then passed to the service on each subsequent request. An authenticated connection is required for accessing a person's health record.

For operations that do not require user or application authentication, use the AnonymousConnection class.


Namespace: Microsoft.Health
Assembly: Microsoft.Health (