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Windows Embedded is a set of operating systems and tools that allow you to build your embedded device with a rich set of componentized technologies. The Windows Embedded family of products includes Windows Embedded CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Windows Embedded for Point of Service.

Windows Embedded CE

Windows Embedded CE is a modular real-time embedded operating system for small footprint and mobile 32-bit intelligent and connected devices.

Windows Embedded NavReady

Windows Embedded NavReady provides a set of innovative features that are compatible with Windows Embedded CE and are ready to be implemented on a portable navigation device (PND).

Windows XP Embedded

Windows Embedded Standard allows embedded system developers to reduce their time to market and easily create mid-range to high-end devices that integrate with an existing IT infrastructure.

Windows NT Embedded

Windows NT Embedded 4.0 is designed for devices requiring the richness, security, and robustness of Windows NT. This scalable operating system provides manageability and sophisticated networking capabilities for even the most demanding applications and services.

Windows Embedded for Point of Service

Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS) is part of the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. Whether you are an IT pro, the manager of a large retail group or a single-store operation, or an OEM working with WEPOS, you can employ all the same methods and applications you would use with Windows XP Professional to keep your WEPOS system secure and up-to-date. These may include:

  • Downloading updates and patches from
  • Using Software Update Services (SUS)
  • Adjusting Windows Firewall settings
  • Using third-party applications, such as anti-virus and firewall programs
  • Controlling access to machines with different levels of user accounts
.NET Micro Framework

The .NET Micro Framework, formerly known as Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT), is a powerful and flexible platform for rapidly creating embedded device firmware with Microsoft Visual Studio.

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