Customizing business rules

By using PerformancePoint Expression Language (PEL), you can write powerful business rules.

In This Section

Analyze rule choices

Provides guidelines to help you select a rule set type and rule type. It also includes links to descriptions of specific rules.

Specify the implementation type

Provides detailed descriptions of implementation options.

Review methods for creating a rule

Provides a brief description of the different methods that Planning Business Modeler supports for creating a business rule.

Review formats for business rules in PEL

Describes the advantages of using PEL, and describes several common rule formats you can use.

Best practices for writing rules

Provides helpful guidelines about how to write rules in PEL. Includes information about conditional statements, variables, and parameters.


Predefined templates for general business rules

Provides background information about Planning Business Modeler rule templates, and links to specific information about complex templates such as intercompany eliminations and currency translations.

About system-defined rules for financial models

Describes the definition and procedural rules that Planning Business Modeler generates for you.

PerformancePoint Expression Language Reference

Provides links to information about PEL. This includes overview descriptions, syntax descriptions, and detailed reference information for all PEL programming elements.