Add a member to a member set
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Add a member to a member set

You can add a new member to a member set using the Member Maintenance workspace and the Member Sets Maintenance workspace. New members can be added as a sibling or a child of an existing member.


In Planning Business Modeler, a member set is a set of members that belong to the same dimension and hierarchy. If you create a member set that contains members from different dimensions or different hierarchies, the member set will be invalid and cause syntax error.

For example, when you specify dimension members for a business rule by using the Select Members dialog box, select members from the same hierarchy.

To add a member to a member set

  1. In the Workspace Browser pane, click Dimensions.

  2. In the Dimensions workspace, click to open a dimension.

  3. If you have not yet checked out the dimension, click Check Out in the Model Tasks pane.

  4. Open the workspace by using one of the following methods:

    • Click Member Maintenance to open the workspace.

    • Click Member Sets Maintenance to open the workspace.

  5. On the workspace toolbar, select a member set from the Member set drop-down list.


    In the Member Sets Maintenance workspace, use the left pane to add members.

  6. In the member list, right-click an existing member, and then click New Sibling or New Child. The member you added is displayed.

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