Assignment example: Assigning with a member reference

In addition to literal values, an assignment expression can use member references and operators.

The following example shows an assignment that is based on an operator-driven calculation that uses a member reference. The example assigns the result of the calculation to the dimensional intersection that the SCOPE expression defines, referenced by the keyword THIS.

// SCOPE expression
      [Currency].[All Members].[USD]
      [Entity].[ResortOps].[Resort - Tahoe]
// Scenario dimension is forecast
      [Scenario].[All Members].[Forecast]
// Time dimension is January 2001
      [Time].[Monthly].[Month 1 Year 2001],
// Product dimension indicates ski tuning
      [Product].[ResortProducts].[Ski Tuning] 
// Statement that makes actual assignment 
// Member reference is ([Scenario].[All Members].[Budget])
   THIS = ([Scenario].[All Members].[Budget]) * 10;

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