Filling a placeholder in a rule template

When you use a template to create a business rule, you can fill the placeholders in the template by using the Fill Template Placeholders dialog box.

For more information about business rule templates, see About predefined rule templates.

To fill the placeholders in a rule template

  1. From the model site workspace, create a new rule with the New Rule dialog box. Provide the Name, Label, and Description for your rule.

  2. Select the Use template or copy from an existing rule check box.

  3. Click Template, and then select the template that you want to use from the Template box.

    For more information, see Selecting a predefined template.

  4. Click OK.

    The rule template appears in the Rule Expression pane.

  5. In the Rule expression pane, right-click to display the shortcut menu, and select Fill Template Placeholders.

  6. In the Fill Template Placeholders dialog box, for each placeholder in the Placeholders grid, select or type a value.

  7. When you finish selecting values for all placeholders, select OK.

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