Synchronizing the staging database in Planning Business Modeler

Synchronizing the staging database is the second step in preparing the staging database for populating data from one of the various sources and later loading data to the application database. You can also create a script to synchronize data in batches by using the Planning Command Utility. To see the "Scriptable data integration" topic and other considerations for synchronizing dimensions and models, go to PerformancePoint data integration.


The synchronization operation overwrites existing tables in the staging database.

In This Section

The following are considerations and procedures for synchronizing dimensions, model, and associations.

Synchronize dimensions in Planning Business Modeler

At the dimension level, only the specified dimension, its referenced dimensions, and its related hierarchies are created in the staging database.

Synchronize models in Planning Business Modeler

At the model level, only the measure groups, dimensions, and hierarchies that belong to the specified model are created in the staging database. Annotations are also synchronized if the Enable annotations in model properties is set to True.

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