About Data Export jobs

Data Export jobs allow data that is generated in Planning Server to be exported to an external database. This job can be started, but cannot be created, from PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel.

To perform the tasks in a Data Export job, Planning Business Modeler runs a business rule that is called an Outbound rule. For information how to use this rule, see How do I export data with an outbound rule?


When you run a Data Export job, Planning Server logs the time the export was created, and the time the file was last changed. This log time value is expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Templates and properties

If you selected the DataExport template for this job, you must set the following properties to run the job:

Job property name Description

Target Model

The value that you select here will affect the list of rule sets available in the Rule Set property.

Rule Set

The Outbound rule set to be run for the selected target model.

Outbound Destination

External SQL Server database to which the data will be exported.

Flatten Dimension Data

This option enables you to select a star schema or a snow flake schema.

Model Site

The model site in which the model exists.