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Getting Started with Team System Web Access

Visual Studio 2008

Team System Web Access is a Web interface that you can use to connect to Team Foundation Server and collaborate and coordinate your efforts with other team members in building a product or completing a project. You can use Team System Web Access to enhance team communications, track team processes, and improve project oversight capabilities. Team members who have appropriate permissions can use Team System Web Access to find and update work items, work with version-controlled files and folders, view reports, manage documents, and work with product builds.

How to: Connect to Team Foundation Server through Team System Web Access

Describes how to connect to a Team Foundation Server installation from Team System Web Access.

How to: Access and Choose Team Projects (Team System Web Access)

Describes how to select a team project with which to work.

How to: Refresh the Team Project Data Cache (Team System Web Access)

Describes how to refresh the cache that contains your project data.

How to: Add New Work Items (Team System Web Access)

Describes how to create different types of work items for your team project.

How to: Create, Share, and Run Work Item Queries (Team System Web Access)

Describes how to create and run a work item query that returns work items based on the information that is contained in work item forms.

How to: Access Process Guidance (Team System Web Access)

Describes how to access process guidance that explains processes that team members should follow when they work on a team project.

How to: Use Quick Launch Shortcuts (Team System Web Access)

Describes shortcuts and how to use them to navigate Team System Web Access interfaces.

Work Item Only View (Team System Web Access)

Describes the work item only view which makes it possible to work with Team Foundation Server when you do not have a client access license (CAL).

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