This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Installing Team System Web Access

Visual Studio 2008

Last updated: 11/19/2007

These installation instructions apply to Team System Web Access and the version of Team Foundation that is part of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008.

To install Team System Web Access, you should be a Team Foundation Administrator who is familiar with Team Foundation installation. Before you install Team System Web Access, you should review the requirements and prerequisites specified in this section. You must also select a deployment configuration. For example, you can deploy Team System Web Access on either:

  • A remote Web server, as a stand-alone application.

  • An application-tier computer, with Team Foundation Server in a single- or dual-server configuration.

For information about how to deploy Team System Web Access in these configurations, see Deployment Configurations (Team System Web Access).

System Requirements (Team System Web Access)

Describes the hardware and operating system requirements necessary for Team System Web Access installation.

Prerequisite Software Installations (Team System Web Access)

Describes the prerequisite software that you must have to support Team System Web Access installations on a remote Web server or an application-tier computer.

Deployment Configurations (Team System Web Access)

Provides diagrams of the recommended Team System Web Access deployment configurations.

How to: Install Team System Web Access

Provides a procedure for installing Team System Web Access on either a remote Web server or an application-tier computer.

How to: Configure Work Item Hyperlinks to use Team System Web Access

Describes how to configure Team Foundation Server to link to Web pages in Team System Web Access instead of static Web pages when sending out alerts.