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Office 2007

Contains the address type, encoded in Unicode standard, for the messaging user represented by the sender.

Quick Info

Exposed by:Message objects
Property type:PT_UNICODE
Property tag:0x0064001F


This property is one of the address properties for the messaging user represented by the sender. When a client application sends a message on behalf of another client, it should set all the represented sender properties to the values for that client. A messaging user sending on its own behalf typically leaves the represented sender properties unset.

The outgoing transport provider must always leave PR_SENT_REPRESENTING_ADDRTYPE_W unchanged if it has been set by the sending client. If it is unset, the transport provider should set it to PR_SENDER_ADDRTYPE_W on the outbound copy of the message, and leave it unset on the local copy.

For more information about the address properties, see Base Address Properties.

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