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Office 2007

Specifies that an e-mail message was once identified by Microsoft Office Outlook as a junk e-mail message, also known as spam.

Quick Info

Exposed on:E-mail message objects
Created by:Outlook
Accessed by:Outlook and solution providers
Property type:PT_LONG
Access type:Read/write


To retrieve the value of this property, first use IMAPIProp::GetIDsFromNames to obtain the property tag, and then specify this property tag in IMAPIProp::GetProps to get the value. When calling IMAPIProp::GetIDsFromNames, specify the following values for the MAPINAMEID structure pointed at by the input parameter lppPropNames:


This property is an Outlook custom property that is defined in the Exchange store schema. It can be referenced by using the Exchange namespace: http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/junkemailmovestamp. This allows solutions to use the PropertyAccessor object in the Outlook object model to access this property.

This property is used by the Outlook Junk E-mail Filter to identify e-mail messages that have once been filtered as spam. It does not exist on all e-mail messages. It is set by Outlook on an e-mail message when the Junk E-mail Filter identifies the message as spam and moves it to the Junk E-mail folder. E-mail messages that have never been filtered as spam do not have this property set. The value Outlook sets for this property on a e-mail message is unique to the account.

When the Junk E-mail Filter scans an e-mail message, based on several factors including the content and sender, it can consider the e-mail message as spam and moves the e-mail message to the Junk E-mail folder. When Outlook does this, it stamps the JunkEmailMoveStamp property on that e-mail message. If a user recovers an e-mail message by moving it away from the Junk E-mail folder to a different folder, the JunkEmailMoveStamp property is still on the message. The next time Outlook synchronizes the user's folders, the Junk E-mail Filter applies the same filter rules on that e-mail message, but because now the JunkEmailMoveStamp property is already set on the e-mail message, the Junk E-mail Filter will not move the e-mail message to the Junk E-mail folder. Note that the Junk E-mail Filter checks for only one specific value for the JunkEmailMoveStamp property per account; it ignores any other value and proceeds to filter a suspected e-mail message as spam.

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