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Video How to: Calling Code in an Application-Level Add-in from VBA

Visual Studio 2008

Calling Code in an Add-in from VBAVideo How To

Authors: Harry Miller, Kathleen McGrath, McLean Schofield, Microsoft Corporation

Applies to: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition

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You can expose an object in an application-level add-in to other Microsoft Office solutions, including Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) solutions and COM add-ins.

This video shows you how to write a method in an add-in for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 that you can call from VBA code in the workbook. The following tasks are included in the process:

  • Defining a class that can be exposed to other Office solutions.

  • Exposing the class to other Office solutions.

  • Calling a method of the class from VBA code.

The Visual Studio Tools for Office Help includes the code and the steps that are demonstrated in this video. See Walkthrough: Calling Code in an Application-Level Add-in from VBA.