Video How to: Create a C# Console Application

Video How to: Create a C# Console Application

Visual Studio 2008

Create C# Console ApplicationVideo How To

Authors: Kathleen McGrath, Harry Miller, Jo Molnar, Microsoft Corporation

Applies to: Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition

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A console application is the simplest form of C# program. Because console applications perform all their input and output at the command line, they are ideal for quickly trying out language features and writing command-line utilities.

This video shows you how to create a console application that lists all of the files in the root directory of your computer's C:\ drive. The following tasks are included in the process:

  • How to create a new console application.

  • How to view Solution Explorer.

  • How to use IntelliSense to make typing code faster and more accurate.

  • How to build and run your application.

The Visual C# Help includes the code and the steps that are demonstrated in this video. See How to: Create a C# Console Application.

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