EntitySimulationModifiers Enumeration

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Entity simulation behaviors

Namespace: Microsoft.Robotics.Simulation.Physics
Assembly: SimulationCommon (in SimulationCommon.dll) Version: (

public enum EntitySimulationModifiers

Member nameValueDescription
Dynamic0 Default behavior, physics fully models the entity and the entity interacts with the environment
Kinematic1 Entity is modelled as an object of infinite mass, not subject to simulated effects, that can not be affected by other objects. It must be moved explicitly.
IgnoreGravity2 Entity is impervious to gravity
DisableRotationX4 Entity can not rotate around its X axis
DisableRotationY8 Entity can not rotate around its Y axis
DisableRotationZ16 Entity can not rotate around its Z axis
DisableCollisions32 Entity does not collide with other entities
LockCenterOfMass64 Disable altering center of mass when computing inertia tensor. Locks center of mass to what it was initially specified to be.

Use these modifiers override physics simulation of an entity