Microsoft.Robotics.PhysicalModel Namespace

Microsoft Robotics
Microsoft Robotics Class Reference

  Class Description
Public class Contract
Physical Model Contract
Public class EntityJointConnector
Entity Joint Connector
Public class Joint
Joint instance class
Public class JointAngularProperties
Joint angular properties
Public class JointDriveProperties
Drive properties for a motor/servo powered joint
Public class JointLimitProperties
Describes the joint behavior when it reaches a limit
Public class JointLinearProperties
Translation, linear position joint properties
Public class JointProjectionProperties
Joint projection is used to compensate for joint simulation errors
Public class JointProperties
Joint properties
Public class JointTypeConverter
Special type converter for joints so that the joint state is represented in the property grid.
Public class SpringProperties
Spring coefficients
Public class TireForceFunctionDescription
Tire Force Function Description

  Structure Description
Public structure AxisAngle
Defines a basis for a transformation. It can be converted to a matrix or Quaternion
Public structure ColorValue
Stores the red, green, blue, and alpha channel values that together define a specific color.
Public structure Matrix
Defines a 4x4 matrix
Public structure Pose
Public structure Quaternion
Public structure Ray
Public structure Vector2
Public structure Vector3
Public structure Vector4

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration JointDOFMode
Specifies degree of freedom modes
Public enumeration JointDriveMode
Joint drive mode
Public enumeration JointFlags
Joint Flags
Public enumeration JointProjectionMode
Joint projection is used by the underlying physics engine to compensate for joint errors