Microsoft.Robotics.Services.DssStream Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class ClearBuffers
Clear Stream Buffers
Public class ClearStreamBuffers
Clear Stream Buffers
Public class Contract
A Generic Contract which allows a text or binary stream to be communicated between services.

The underlying stream is converted into a series of text or binary packets.
Public class GetStreamState
Stream Service Get Operation
Public class NameValuePair
A Name and Value pair
Public class QueryStreamProperty
Query a stream property
Public class ReadData
Receive Data Bytes from the Stream
Public class ReadText
Send/Receive a string to the Stream
Public class ReliableSubscribe
Stream Service ReliableSubscribe Operation
Public class ReplaceStreamResponse
Custom Stream Replace Response
Public class ReplaceStreamState
Stream Service Replace Operation
Public class SetStreamProperty
Set a stream property
Public class StreamData
Stream Data Packet
Public class StreamOperations
Stream Service Operations Port
Public class StreamState
Stream State
Public class StreamText
Stream Text Packet
Public class Subscribe
Stream Service Subscribe Operation
Public class WriteData
Send a series of bytes to the Stream
Public class WriteText
Send a text string to the Stream