VisualEntityProperties Enumeration

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Visual entity properties

Namespace: Microsoft.Robotics.Simulation.Engine
Assembly: SimulationEngine (in SimulationEngine.dll) Version: (

public enum VisualEntityProperties

Member nameValueDescription
None0 No properties
UsesAlphaBlending1 Uses alpha blending
DisableRendering2 Skip rendering
InitializedWithState4 The entity was reconstructed from XML
DoCompletePhysicsShapeUpdate8 Update pose for all physics shapes that are part of the physics Entity instance
Ground16 This is a ground entity
DisableBackfaceCulling32 Render both front and back faces rather than only front
CullCounterClockwise64 Render only front faces rather than back
DisableViewFrustumCulling128 Is view frustum culling disabled?
TexturesPending256 The mesh requires textures but they have not yet been loaded