Microsoft.Robotics.Simulation Namespace

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Microsoft Robotics Class Reference

  Class Description
Public class BatchedGraphics
Provides batch efficient behavior for users who write code in a non-batch efficient manner
Public class BatchedGraphics..::..BatchedMesh
Simplified version of VisualEntityMesh + RenderableShape + BoSMesh + MeshBatch which is ideal for batching
Public class Batching
Controls batching for graphics Disable if you experience rendering problems
Public class CameraForm
A form to show a camera image
Public class ColladaToMSRS
Converter that gets meshes and entities from a collada file
Public class Contract
Public class Entity
Entity definition
Public class EntityState
Entity state
Public class ExternalFrameStatistics
FrameStatistics class for serialization
Public class ExternalFrameStatistics..::..ExternalCodeSection
CodeSection class for serialization
Public class GenericObjectEditor
UIType Editor for editing a generic object.
Public class LightEntity
Base class for light entities
Public class ObjectList
Simulation internal use. List of serialized entities
Public class OpenFileNameEditor
UITypeEditor that prompts for a filename.
Public class Partners
Standard entity relationships for simulated services
Public class PublishedCategories
Optional: A service may choose to publish categories. These categories are available for use in the [Category] attribute for any service.
Public class RenderingAssets
Rendering assets for entity instance
Public class SimulationState
Simulation engine state

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration LightEntityType
Types of light sources
Public enumeration RenderMode
Enumeration of rendering modes