Analyze rule choices

Planning Business Modeler rule types are designed to handle different kinds of tasks. Although some of those differences are visible to the Modeler or developer who writes a rule, most of the differences are in the processing components of the system. Planning Business Modeler uses the rule type to select specialized modules that efficiently handle the particular requirements of each rule type.

Some rule types, such as assignment rules, offer complete flexibility for design and code. Others, such as the specialized rule types, are very restrictive. In the table that follows, notice that one of the listed rule types, a predefined business template, is not really a true rule type, but instead an option automatically designates a rule type when you create the rule.

Use these questions to help you select a rule type that matches what you want to do.

If your rule should Then explore this rule type.. And this rule set type

Calculate values that become part of the definition of the model.

Definition rule


Assign specific values to certain cells

Assignment rule

Procedural or automatic rule set

Distribute resources or costs across a dimension or several dimensions

Allocation rule

Procedural rule set

Perform a specialized task

  • Data export to a different application

  • Financial reporting

  • Manage model properties

One of the following specialized rules:

  • Outbound

  • Consolidation

  • Currency conversion

  • Intercompany reconciliation

  • Model variable

Matching specialized rule sets

Calculate a standard formula

Predefined business rules templates for rules that calculate:

  • Variance, ratios and averages

  • Cumulative values across different periods

  • Depreciation

  • Consolidation eliminations and currency conversion

  • Intercompany reconciliation

  • Present value

Template rule sets are preset by Planning Business Modeler

In This Section

Choose a rule set type

Describes the types of rule sets, and describes their relationships to rule types and implementation options.

Choose a rule type

Describes the types of rules you can use.

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