Business rules in Planning Business Modeler

Planning Business Modeler provides powerful features that support the creation and running of business rules.

In This Section

About business rules

Provides an overview of rules and rule sets.

Predefined templates for general business rules

Describes the templates that are included in Planning Business Modeler and that can help you write business rules quickly.

Predefined templates for financial intelligence processes

Describes the support that Planning Business Modeler includes for performing financial intelligence processes such as shares calculation, intercompany reconciliation, consolidation, and currency conversion. This support includes special financial models that contain important predefined dimensions and measure groups, business rule templates that provide guidelines for creating business rules that perform the processes, and special PEL functions.

Customizing business rules

Provides detailed information about the kinds of rules and rule sets that you can create, and guidelines for customizing business rules for a particular business scenario.

Security for business rules

Provides information about security for business rules.

Related Sections

PerformancePoint Expression Language Reference

Provides general overview and detailed reference information about the specialized language that is used for creating business rules. The language is included with Planning Business Modeler.