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RegisterFormRegions Class

RegisterFormRegions Class

Defines an MSBuild task that gathers form region information to register or unregister the form regions for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. This class cannot be inherited.


Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Office.BuildTasks
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Office.BuildTasks (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Office.BuildTasks.dll)

[PermissionSetAttribute(SecurityAction.Demand, Name = "FullTrust")]
public sealed class RegisterFormRegions : BuildTask

The RegisterFormRegions type exposes the following members.

Public methodRegisterFormRegionsInitializes a new instance of the RegisterFormRegions class.

Public propertyAddInNameGets or sets the name of the add-in.
Public propertyAssemblyNameGets or sets the name of the assembly.
Public propertyBuildEngineGets or sets the instance of the IBuildEngine object used by the task. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyBuildEngine2Gets the instance of the IBuildEngine2 object used by the task. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyBuildEngine3Gets the instance of the IBuildEngine3 object used by the task. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyBuildEngine4Gets the instance of the IBuildEngine4 object used by the task. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyFormRegionNamesAndMessageClassesGets or sets an array of ITaskItem objects that represent the form region names and message classes.
Public propertyHostObjectGets or sets the host object associated with the task. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyLogGets an instance of a TaskLoggingHelper class containing task logging methods. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyOfficeApplicationGets or sets the name of the Microsoft Office application for which the form regions are being registered.
Public propertyUnregisterGets or sets a value that indicates whether Execute will uninstall the form regions.

Public methodEqualsDetermines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodExecuteGathers form region information to register the form regions for application loading, or unregister them to uninstall the form regions. (Overrides Task.Execute().)
Public methodGetHashCodeServes as the default hash function. (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetTypeGets the Type of the current instance. (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodToStringReturns a string that represents the current object. (Inherited from Object.)

Set all of the RegisterFormRegions properties, and then call Execute to run this build task.

The Microsoft Build Engine uses Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Office.BuildTasks to build and deploy Office solutions. However, you can create your own build system by using these classes and the MSBuild XML-based project files. For more information, see MSBuild Reference.

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.
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