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Encapsulates a contact whose account is maintained by a Microsoft® Office Communications Server and whose contact information and presence status can be displayed in Office Communicator or in an application.

The interface ID is 086F69C0-2FBD-46b3-BE50-EC401AB86099 (IID_IMessengerContactAdvanced).

interface IMessengerContactAdvanced : IMessengerContact

The following table lists the methods exposed by the IMessengerContactAdvanced interface.

Name Description


Gets or sets the tag status of a contact.

Not scriptable.


Reads and sets presence properties of a contact.

Not scriptable.

This interface contains no subclasses.





Requires Microsoft DirectX 9.0, C Runtime libraries (msvcm80.dll) on Microsoft Windows© Vista, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later, or Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 (SP4). Any Communicator-imposed restrictions apply. .


Requires Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, AV MCU (for Media Support), Media Relay (for NAT/Firewall traversal) on Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.


Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 Automation API

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