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The RFID Management Events Model

BizTalk RFID supports two types of events: management events and notification events. This section describes management events in BizTalk RFID.

Management events differ from notification events. Notification events address business functions, whereas management events address non-business and administrative functions. An example of a notification event is a tag read by an RFID (radio frequency identification) reader. An example of a management event is a failure of the reader.

Management events are of two types:

  • Server management events are initiated by the RFID server.

  • Device management events are initiated by the devices that are connected to BizTalk RFID.

The following are examples of management events:

  • Server management events:

    • Device down events. The RFID server raises these events when a device that is connected to BizTalk RFID is down.

    • Device discovered events. The RFID server raises these events when a new device is discovered by polling RFID device providers.

  • Device management events:

    • Power supply availability. The device raises these events when it starts to run on power and charges its battery.

    • Battery low condition. The device raises these events when the battery condition goes below the power threshold limit that is required to operate the device.

The RFID developer who wants to respond to these management events writes Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) consumers to listen to management events of interest and perform the required actions. WMI is the kernel-level instrumentation technology of the Windows operating system.

Management events are surfaced as WMI events by BizTalk RFID. Client applications that are interested in responding to these events can also use WMI to receive and take appropriate actions on these events.

The information provided in this section helps you do the following:

  • Understand the data flow and class interactions in the management events model.

  • Use the sample code as a reference to develop RFID components that listen to management events and take action based on them.

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