IOneWayAsyncTxn Interface

The IOneWayAsync interface is used for the WCF-NetMsmq one-way transactional receive locations. The WCF adapters asynchronously process messages incoming through this interface.

This topic is provided for information only. You can use this information to interpret the instances that WCF performance counters create for the WCF adapters and the auto-generated metadata for the WCF adapters. Do not rely on this information when you create applications.

[ServiceContract(Namespace =")]
public interface IOneWayAsyncTxn


Method Description

IOneWayAsyncTxn.BeginOneWayMethod Method

Asynchronously processes messages incoming through the WCF-NetMsmq one-way transactional receive locations.

IOneWayAsyncTxn.EndOneWayMethod Method

<End> method corresponding to BeginTwoWayMethod for the asynchronous operation implementation.

IOneWayAsyncTxn.BizTalkSubmit Method

Causes the runtime to create WSDL operations in the metadata. This method should never get invoked.

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