Documentation Element (CSDL)

The Documentation element in conceptual schema definition language (CSDL) in the Entity Data Model (EDM) provides information for developers using the entities and associations declared in the schema. The documentation element has two child elements. The first is the Summary element, which provides a brief textual description of the element it describes. The second is the LongDescription element, which is a more extensive description.

All metadata types for EDM constructs like EntityType, ComplexType, EntityContainer, and so forth will support the Documentation tag.

An empty Documentation element is valid, and both Summary and LongDescription are optional.

The following example shows the syntax of the Documentation element.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Schema Namespace="Adventureworks" Alias="Self" xmlns="">
    <Summary>Adventureworks CSDL Schema</Summary>
    <LongDescription>This schema shows the CSDL schema for
      a large highly normalized database.</LongDescription>
  <EntityContainer Name="AdventureworksContext">
  <!-- Other entity sets-->

  <!-- Other entity types-->


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