Routing Messages for Mobile Operators

Windows Mobile 6.5

After the Security Module processes the message, it sends the message back to the Push Router, and the Push Router checks whether the message's AppID or Content-Type header, or both AppID and Content-Type headers, are listed in the registration table table.

The type of header information in the message determines routing priority. Top priority is given to client applications that have registered. If the Push Router cannot find an exact match for both the Content-Type and AppID in the registration table, it attempts to find an entry with a matching AppID. If that attempt fails, it searches for a match with the Content-Type.

The following is the format for an AppID header:

X-WAP-Application-Id: [Application Identifier]

The following table contains examples of the Content-Type header format that is used to route messages to Configuration Manager.

Content-Type headers Message content

Content-Type: application/vnd.wap.connectivity-wbxml


Content-Type: text/vnd.wap.connectivity-xml