OTA Firmware Update

Windows Mobile 6.5

Over-the-air (OTA) firmware update is a way to update a device after manufacture by using the Image Update technology and Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) version 1.2.

Understanding OTA Firmware Update

Explains the purpose and use of OTA firmware update and Image Update technology.

Server Requirements for OTA Firmware Update

Describes the OMA DM server requirements for over-the-air (OTA) firmware update for Windows Mobile powered devices.

OTA Firmware Update Architecture

Describes the overall architecture of OTA firmware update

OTA Firmware Update User Experience

Describes the flow of the firmware update process based on the users interaction with the device.

OTA Firmware Update Scenarios

Describes OTA firmware update scenarios for a Single Update Package, a Super Package and an update failure.

OTA Firmware Update Result Codes

Describes the FUMO final alert result codes, their meaning, and how the codes relate to the Image Update HRESULT codes.

Firmware Update Final Notification

Describes the use of firmware update final notification to send an image update final result back to an OMA DM server.

Troubleshooting OTA Firmware Update

Discusses general troubleshooting and update failure troubleshooting for OTA firmware update.

Server Requirements for OMA Device Management

Describes the general server requirements for using OMA DM to manage Windows Mobile powered devices.

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