Best Practices in Managing Devices

Windows Mobile 6.5

This section provides general best practices for managing devices. For security-specific best practices, see Security and Managing Devices.

Use consistent security policies

Security policies are used to configure security settings that are then enforced with the help of security roles and certificates. They provide the flexibility to control the level of security on the device. The policies are defined globally and enforced locally in their respective components. For more information, see Security and Managing Devices and Security Policies.

Use appropriate certificates

OEMs, Mobile Operators, and ISVs use certificates to sign applications and files that run on Windows Mobile devices. For more information about certificates, see Certificate Management in Windows Mobile Devices.

Test your provisioning XML file by using Windows Mobile powered devices

To make sure that your provisioning XML appropriately configures a device, you should test it on the type of device you want to configure. For information about the provisioning XML file, see Provisioning Concepts.

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