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Bootstrapping a Device

Windows Mobile 6.5

Bootstrapping is initially configuring a device so that it can be continuously provisioned by a privileged agent. For more information about bootstrapping, see Understanding Bootstrapping.

Bootstrapping To Use An OMA DM Server

Discusses how to configure a device to recognize an OMA DM server as a Trusted Provisioning Server for continuous provisioning

Bootstrapping To Use an OMA Client Provisioning Server

Discusses how to initially configure a device for OMA Client Provisioning continuous provisioning.

Bootstrapping To Use a CPF File

Discusses how to initially configure a device to be continuously provisioned by allowing a user to pull a CAB Provisioning Format (.cpf) file to the device rather than using a OMA Client Provisioning or OMA DM server to push the provisioning files.

Bootstrapping To Return the Device Hardware ID

Describes how the OMA DM server can now be bootstrapped to return the device hardware ID, which is the IMEI for a GSM device or the ESN for a CDMA device.

Enabling OTA Bootstrapping

Discusses how to enable OTA bootstrapping which is disabled by default.

Enabling Remote API (RAPI) Bootstrapping

Discusses how to enable RAPI, which is restricted by default, for bootstrapping via a desktop computer and ActiveSync.

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