OMA DM Provisioning Files

Windows Mobile 6.5

OMA DM commands are transmitted between the server and the client device in messages. A message can contain one or more commands. For a list of commands supported in Windows Mobile 6.5, see OMA DM Protocol Command Elements.

A DM message is an XML document. The structure and content of the document is defined in the OMA DM Representation Protocol (OMA-SyncML-DevInfo-DTD-V1_1_2-20030505-D.dtd) available from the OMA Web site.

Each message is composed of a header, specified by the SyncHdr element, and a message body, specified by the SyncBody element.

The following table shows the OMA DM versions that are supported in Windows Mobile:

Version Format

OMA DM version 1.1.2

<SyncML xmlns='SYNCML:SYNCML1.1'>


OMA DM version 1.2

<SyncML xmlns='SYNCML:SYNCML1.2'>


The following example shows the general structure of the XML document, using OMA DM version 1.2 for demonstration purposes only.

<SyncML xmlns='SYNCML:SYNCML1.2'>
        <LocURI>{unique device ID}</LocURI>
        <!-- change a registry settings -->
        <Final />

For more information about the header and body, see SyncHdr and SyncBody.

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