WAP Logical Proxy: PXLOGICAL

Windows Mobile 6.5

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) proxy connectivity configuration can be provided to Windows Mobile devices in the bootstrap document. This data is set by means of the PXLOGICAL characteristic type element. Windows Mobile devices use the proxy connectivity data to provide configuration information for the WAP proxy. For more information see PXLOGICAL Configuration Service Provider.

The following table lists the parms in the PXLOGICAL element processed by the device.

WAP characteristic WAP parm Comments

PXLOGICAL (top level)





Alpha-numeric string that uniquely identifies the logical proxy.



User friendly name used to identify the logical proxy.



DOMAIN will be sent to the map table of Connection Manager.



Indicates whether the physical proxies associated with this logical proxy are privileged.



STARTPAGE is assigned as a Internet Explorer Mobile favorite. The HTTP prefix is replaced with a Wireless Session Protocol (WSP) prefix. The value of the NAME parm is used as the name of this favorite entry. If the NAME parm does not exist, the host retrieved from STARTPAGE URL is used.



BASAUTH-ID will be saved as the user name of the STARTPAGE Web page in the corresponding registry.



BASAUTH-PW will be saved as the password of the STARTPAGE Web page in the corresponding registry.



Indicates whether or not push operations are enabled.



Identifies the port numbers associated with some services on the proxy. At most, two pairs of PORT sets can be accepted whose SERVICE value could be CO-WSP and CO-SEC-WSP.



A query of this parm returns a semicolon delimited string of services for only the first port. Internet Explorer Mobile accepted SERVICE value can be CO-WSP and CO-SEC-WSP.

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