Provisioning Using a ROM Configuration XML File

Windows Mobile 6.5

Your OEM can place your provisioning XML files in Image Update packages in ROM to be processed either during cold boot or during Image Update. During cold boot all files in all packages are processed. During Image Update only certain files, in packages that have been updated, will be processed.

An Image Update Package can contain two types of provisioning files:

  • Cold boot files that will be processed by Configuration Manager only when the device is cold booted. The provisioning file name must have one of the following formats:
    mxipcold_<package name>_<version>.provxml
    mxip_<package name>_<version>.provxml
    where <package name> is the name of Image Update package.
    These files should contain settings that you intend to be applied only during cold boot.
  • Update files that will be processed by Configuration Manager both when the device is cold booted and, if their associated packages have been updated, during Image Update. The provisioning file name must have the following format:
    mxipupdate_<package name>_<version>.provxml
    All settings contained in these files will be reapplied whenever their associated packages are updated, regardless of whether they have or have not changed. Therefore, these files should only contain settings that you intend to be reapplied every time their packages are updated.

Microsoft recommends that you use a three-digit version number in the name of your .provxml files in ROM, such as mxip_opr_100, mxip_opr_200, mxip_opr_300, so that there are enough ordinals to identify successive versions of the file.

Mobile operators should avoid using provxml files to override (shadow) entries in Microsoft-owned .provxml files Mxip_<package name>_<version>.provxml is imported only at cold boot when the device is initially configured. In effect, mxip_<package name>_<version>.provxml and mxipcold_<package name>_<version>.provxml are handled the same. Mxipupdate_<package name>_<version>.provxml files are imported after cold boot and when the package containing them is updated.

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