Accessibility Property

Gets an object that contains properties that report accessibility information to the Silverlight plug-in host.

Scripting (Instantiation)
Cannot be set during instantiation.
Scripting (Runtime)
value = silverlightObject.content.Accessibility

Property Value


An object (Accessibility) that holds several accessibility-related strings as well as an event.

This property is read-only (the object itself is not settable). The default value is an instance of the object with its properties at default values.


This property is available on the content sub-object of a Silverlight plug-in instance.

This property is set to the initial default during initialization, but values of the Accessibility object cannot be set through the initial creation parameters. For more information, see Instantiating a Silverlight Plug-in (Using CreateSilverlight.js and Silverlight.js) and Accessibility.

Applies To

Silverlight Plug-in

See Also

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